The main component of Aquafilling is 98% physiologic solution of sodium chloride. Because it contains natural ingredients, it is highly adaptable to the soft tissues of the human body, it is well tolerated by the human body and highly safe. Being easily injectable in the soft tissue, it allows painless procedures. It is cost-effective and provides long lasting excellent results.

Dr. Karatzias is using it mainly for face, breast augmentation and buttock refinement / augmentation.

Through injectable gel, the procedures are not traumatic, they are painless, the risk of any injury is minimal, they do not require long-term recovery (patients are allowed to leave the hospital in few hours after procedure and return to their daily activities) and the results are absolutely spectacular.

The range of application is:

  • Breast shape improvement (after pregnancy or breastfeeding)
  • Breast enlargement in cases of small bust (hypomastia)
  • Correction of breast deformities and asymmetry
  • Buttocks augmentation (to regain shape lost because of aging, correct some defects, increase attractiveness)

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For the face, it smooths the wrinkles, adds volume to some facial areas (nose, cheeks, chin), changes shapes (for example nose or lips) and contours the facial defects correction.

The range of application is:

  • Correction of facial defects and features remodeling
  • Injectable soft tissue filler
  • Removal of wrinkles
  • Best option for nose
  • Rejuvenation with AQUAfilling¬ģ face line