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HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) lifting

What is HIFU Lifting

High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic treatment is highly recommended for men and women who wish to have problematic areas of skin (on the face and cleavage, around the knee, along the thighs and arms) tighter, smoother and less wrinkled, without the usual disadvantages of plastic surgery: the downtime of recovery, discomfort and possible complications. HIFU treatment is exceptionally effective in lifting the skin around the eyebrows, the neck and the chin, as well as for smoothing out those stubborn crow’s feet around the eyes. Penetrating deep into the tissue, the ultrasonic waves revitalise and tighten the tired skin. Easy to successfully combine with other rejuvenating treatments, the procedure improves the general tone and texture of the skin, correcting pale complexion and significantly putting off the need for plastic surgery when used as early as the age of 20 or 30. HIFU is an FDA-approved, personalised treatment, always administered by Dr. Karatzias using medically certified equipment, guaranteeing you a safe procedure.

For the treatments of HIFU, Dr. Karatzias uses the extremely fast and awarded for its efficiency Hironic Doublo Gold machine ( with a hybrid system for treating both face and body.

How the patient recovers

We use the most advanced surgical technology, disposables and techniques when performing treatments and procedures to maximise your results and diminish the length of your recovery period.

Are You the Right Candidate?

To determine if this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Karatzias. During the consultation, your concerns will be discussed in depth and the best surgical or non-surgical solution will be determined, always having your trepidations and expectations in mind.

To see if you are a candidate for this procedure or if you wish to learn more details about it, please complete our online consultation form or call at +357 22020721.