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PRP Facial

The next generation of skin health solutions

The VAMPIRE FACIAL or PRP Facial is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment using stem cell science to achieve a natural, more youthful-looking appearance. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), rich in growth factors, is derived from your own blood and injected back into the skin in order to “supercharge” healing”. The body’s stem cells are activated to grow healthy, new tissue – including new collagen (for firmness), new fatty tissue (for volume & smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).

3 Steps of the Vampire Facial® Procedure:

  • The Doctor isolates platelets from the patient's blood.

  • The isolated growth factors are injected into the skin with micro-punctures, both driving the growth factors into the skin & creating a stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation of the collagen of the face.

  • The Doctor paints the growth factors onto the micro-punctures so that the growth factors soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation. The skin tightens, and glows with colour, and scaring softens for a beautiful younger and very natural result.