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Opera LED

What is Opera LED

The world renowned ‘OPERA’ LED face mask is a low-level light therapy LED facial mask that utilises 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. The only LED face mask with independent clinical studies, it also incorporates the use of galvanic current and nutrient filled hydrogel masks to further enhance results. The OPERA LED Mask has been created with an ergonomic design that ensures the diodes are as close to the skin surface as possible to maximise energy transfer, whilst distant enough to ensure an even coverage across the treatment area. Designed with 3 wavelengths of light, including: blue 415nm, red 630nm, and infrared 830nm; to maximise the benefits to the recipient, whilst offering increased safety. Infrared light of 830nm is emitted simultaneously with both of the red and blue light Opera therapy modalities. The 830nm infrared penetrates much deeper than the red (630nm) and blue (415nm) wavelength lights, delivering light therapy benefits to the lower epidermal and dermal layers, which produces additional benefits such as increased healing of wounds, pain relief, and a reduction the size of oil-secreting glands.

How does LED Phototherapy work?

LED’s provide a mechanism for Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or “Photo Bio-stimulation” – also called ‘Phototherapy’. The effects of Phototherapy and LLLT are photochemical. When the correct intensity and frequency are used, the light energy photons, generated by the LED light sources, are absorbed by selected chromophores in the tissue. This process stimulates mitochondrial and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production; promoting blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, leading to pain relief and cell proliferation, and facilitating the creation and extension of the anti-aging enzymes.

What are the proven benefits of low-level light therapy?

LED light therapy utilizes light at specific wavelengths to penetrate the skin at varying depths to cause a specific response. The benefits of Low-Level Light Therapy are numerous and depend on the wavelength of the light being absorbed. Put another way, blue light effects the tissues completely different than red light. Depending on the wavelength of the light energy applied, improved cell activity may result in*:

  • Neocollagenisis – increased collagen production
  • Improved skin elasticity and skin tightening
  • Increased localized blood circulation
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Enhanced anti-bacterial effect and reduction in bacteria
  • Improved wound healing
  • Enhanced anti-inflammatory effect
  • + much more

What are the proven benefits of low-level light therapy?

The effect of light absorption can be clearly seen in treatments for:

  • Anti-aging
  • Skin rejuvenation toning, tightening and texturing
  • Acne
  • Post care healing
  • Wrinkles reduction
  • Rosacea
  • + much more

Types of led therapy with the Opera LED Mask:

Blue light therapy anti-bacterial and acne treatment

Blue light therapy at 415nm is predominantly used for its anti-bacterial properties and the treatment of acne. The blue light emitted from the device is absorbed by porphyrin, the bacteria causing acne. P.acne contains abundant amounts of porphyrin and when the blue light is absorbed, an oxygen free-radical is created which is released into the bacteria and results in bacterial reduction. The infrared light of 830nm that is emitted with all of the Opera LED light therapies, reduces the size of oil-secreting glands that contain the bacteria. Blue light also has anti-inflammatory characteristics although the best results are seen when combining red and blue light for its additional skin rejuvenation and wound healing benefits.

Acne light mask

Depending on the type of acne present, an advanced Acne Light Mask may be recommended to achieve the best results for the treatment of acne and acne scarring. The Acne Light Mask uses clinically-proven light therapy of multiple wavelengths, galvanic current, infrared light and a hydrogel mask to combat Acne in a number of ways including:

  • Blue Light for combating the bacteria associated with Acne
  • Red light to reduce inflammation and stimulate new collagen production
  • Galvanic current to allow nourishment to the skin via hydrogel masks and to increase muscle tone to help reduce acne scarring
  • Infrared to reduce the size of oil glands containing the bacteria and increase blood flow and nourishment to the skin

Red light therapy

Red Light Therapy has been proven in the field of healing and rejuvenating, anti-aging, wound care, pain relief, and much more. Red light therapy is a natural process with a great deal of benefit and no known adverse side effects. Red light therapy is capable of penetrating the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm. Once absorbed, this red light energy is converted to cellular energy. This conversion of energy leads to stimulation of the body’s natural processes on a cellular level. The combination of red light with infrared light in the Opera LED Mask therapy may lead to*:

    • Increased plumping of the dermis and epidermis
    • Increased production of collagen
    • Reduction in the depth and number of visible wrinkles
    • Increased circulation
    • Formation of nee capillaries
    • Increased lymphatic system
    • Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up
    • Tissue granulation stimulation
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Enhanced wound healing
    • Improved post care after laser and ablative procedures
    • Overall skin rejuvenation, including skin tightening and fading of pigmentation

Red light therapy for Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that mainly affects the face. Symptoms include: inflammation and redness, small blood vessels often swell and become more noticeable, swollen red bumps, pimple like bumps that resemble acne but is not acne, enlarged nose, dull complexion, oily skin and thinning of skin. While Rosacea is often an isolated condition, it can coexist with acne. Red light therapy has proven results against the symptoms of Rosacea with benefits including*:

      • Reduction in the degree of inflammation
      • Helps the healing process of pre-existing acne
      • Reduces redness
      • Safe to use and non-invasive

Galvanic facial

Galvanic current is an optional modality on the OPERA LED mask that is used in conjunction with hydrogel masks or other customised skincare formulations. It can be used as an independent treatment regime, or in combination with LED light therapy. The galvanic current delivers minute electrical pulses (micorcurrents) designed to mirror the body’s own bio-electric field. Microcurrent treatments were originally invented as a treatment for facial palsy and are now used in aesthetics where the treatments are often known as facial toning for the advantages in skin tightening and rejuvenation. The Galvanic Facial mode creates a current to open pores, which allows nutrients to be absorbed either from the hydrogel mask or other topical skincare formulations. The current also creates a positive charge that attracts and breaks up negatively charged toxins and impurities. Benefits may include*:

        • Increased blood and lymph circulation
        • Enhanced penetration of active ingredients in skin care formulations applied during treatment
        • Collagenesis and increasing elastin-production
        • Increased mitochondria activity and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production
        • Elevated protein synthesis, gluco-neogenesis and cell membrane transport
        • Improved skin hydration
        • Decreased wrinkles and improved toning of facial muscles
        • Decreased sun damage and pigmentation

LED Light Therapy is a safe and effective treatment that causes a natural reaction that, likened to the photosynthesis of a plant, triggers the body to convert light energy to cell energy. The Opera LED Mask Light Therapy treatments are quick and painless with no downtime, and may be performed in a series or as a mini facial for a hydrating “GLO.”

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