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Buccal Fat Removal

What is Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a surgery treatment that can help reduce full rounded cheeks and better define cheekbones, so that patients have a slightly chiselled look. Excess fat pads located in the lower portion of the cheeks can give off the appearance of being overweight with overly full and rounded cheeks. This is sometimes referred to “chip monk cheeks”, “chubby cheeks” or “baby face cheeks” and can create a less than pleasing facial profile for some people. Unfortunately, the hereditary condition of excess fat in the lower cheeks, called buccal fat pads, is not something that can be reduced by exercise or diet. If you dealing with this unflattering condition, a buccal fat removal surgery may be the answer.

Dr. Karatzias performs buccal fat removal surgery under local anaesthesia from an incision through the mouth (intraoral) for most patients. The procedure takes less than one hour and is considered safe and effective. The results are permanent and the operation can be combined with other procedures for complete facial rejuvenation. In cases where patients are doing more than one procedure general anaesthesia may be used and will be dependent upon the extent of the patient’s surgery and each patient’s level of comfort.

How the patient recovers

Recovery following a buccal fat removal procedure involves little to no downtime. Some patients may experience minor swelling and bruising which will subside on its own over the first few days of recovery. The recovery involved little to no pain or discomfort and most patients can return to work the very next day. We use the most advanced surgical technology, disposables and techniques when performing treatments and procedures to maximise your results and diminish the length of your recovery period. To reduce risks and maintain as much of the results for as long as possible we recommend that you refrain from smoking for a minimum of six weeks prior to the surgery and for the duration of your recovery period. Please also note that for this particular procedure if you become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight, you should wait until after your body has reached a stable equilibrium.

Are You the Right Candidate?

To determine if this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Karatzias. During the consultation, your concerns will be discussed in depth and the best surgical or non-surgical solution will be determined, always having your trepidations and expectations in mind.

To see if you are a candidate for this procedure or if you wish to learn more details about it, please complete our online consultation form or call at +357 22020721.