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Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

What is Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty surgery, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is an operation to remove extra skin, scars, stretch marks and fat from the tummy, and sometimes to tighten the tummy muscles.

Why have a tummy tuck?

People have this surgery to take away extra skin and fat, or get a flatter tummy, often after pregnancy or gaining and losing weight. It can help rejoin the muscles of the abdominal wall if they have been pulled apart in the middle. Stretch marks can sometimes be cut away or tightened to make them less obvious. Ideally, your weight will be normal before the surgery. A tummy tuck is not for people who are overweight, or carried out in order to lose weight. For the right person, a tummy tuck can make a big difference to their confidence and quality of life.

How can I help my operation be a success?

Be as healthy as possible. It is important to keep your weight steady with a good diet and regular exercise. If you smoke, stopping at least six weeks before the operation will help to reduce the risk of complications. Do not worry about removing hair near where cuts will be made, but do have a bath or shower during the 24 hours before your operation to make sure that the area is as clean as possible.

What are the main risks and complications of a tummy tuck?

As with all operations, there are risks involved in having a tummy tuck. Although the risks are unlikely, it is important to weigh them up against the potential benefit of the surgery. Discuss each of them with Dr Karatzias to make sure you understand the potential complications and consequences.

What to expect after the operation

Tummy tucks are usually carried out under a general anaesthetic (so you would be asleep). The operation usually takes about three hours, and you would usually spend up to two days in hospital. When you wake up from your operation you may have a drip to give you fluid while you are not drinking. You might be given antibiotics to keep the wound clean. Also, you may have drainage tubes in your lower tummy to drain away any fluid or blood. These tubes will be taken out when the fluid or blood has stopped draining, usually before you go home.Your tummy will feel tight and sore. Simple painkillers should be enough to keep you comfortable.

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