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Buttocks Contouring

What is Los Deline™ Buttocks Contouring

Buttocks contouring with Los Deline™ injectable volumizing implant:

  • “Thin” buttocks
  • Disproportions of buttock soft tissue
  • Buttock irregularity after different surgical
  • Interferences (liposuction) or asymmetry


The duration of a typical buttocks contouring procedure with Los Deline™ is two times shorter compared with the surgical buttock prosthesis or fat transfer procedure. No other method can produce such a dramatic change in buttock shape so simply and quickly and with so little discomfort.

Minimally invasive

The procedure is minimally invasive. The injection of the implant is carried out using a cannula, which significantly reduces the risk of injury to surrounding tissues.


Los Deline™ does not require long-term recovery compared with implants buttocks augmentation surgery or fat transfer buttocks augmentation. The needle marks invariably disappear in a few days and there are no permanent scars.


Injection treatment generally is a less complicated procedure than implant insertion surgery. A good proportion of patients rate their buttocks as improved and expressed satisfaction with the results during 2-3 years after treatment.


Thin patients with very small amount of body fat are better candidiates for buttocks augmentation with Los Deline™. Especially, in thin patients, due to the lack of body fat, the buttock implants may shift after 2-3 years and become palpable. Los Deline™ can compensate low level of fat and offer better results with no bothersome scars.