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What is rhinoplasty

Also called nose surgery or nose job, rhinoplasty reshapes the nose by reducing or increasing the size, removing a hump, changing the shape of the tip or bridge, narrowing the span of the nostrils, or changing the angle between the nose and upper lip. This procedure may also relieve from breathing difficulties when combined with surgery performed on the nasal septum.

You may go back to work after one week. For more strenuous activities, you need to wait two to three weeks. You should avoid any activity that could have impact on the nose. You should also avoid sunburns for at least eight weeks and use sunblock that provides UVA and UVB protection. The final result may take one year or sometimes even longer to be achieved.

How the patient recovers

Some of the risks involved with this procedure are infection, asymmetry, unsatisfactory nasal shape and incomplete improvement, which requires additional surgery.

We use the most advanced surgical technology, disposables and techniques when performing treatments and procedures to maximise your results and diminish the length of your recovery period. To reduce risks and maintain as much of the results for as long as possible we recommend that you refrain from smoking for a minimum of six weeks prior to the surgery and for the duration of your recovery period.

Are You the Right Candidate?

To determine if this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Karatzias. During the consultation, your concerns will be discussed in depth and the best surgical or non-surgical solution will be determined, always having your trepidations and expectations in mind.
To see if you are a candidate for this procedure or if you wish to learn more details about it, please complete our online consultation form or call at +357 22020721.

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